"to write (something) in a hurried, careless way."

  • "Looking over their shoulders - Programmers' decisions are influenced by emotions and intuition. They visualize the code's structure and compare it to previously encountered patterns. This evaluation helps them determine if the pattern is appealing or unattractive and if the process of writing the code is monotonous or thrilling."

  • "Two good questions for your boss: 1. What am I doing that is useless? 2. What should I do that I’m not doing yet?"

  • "First principles tell us, we should be building a "Google Maps of learning," a "Hinge for mentorship and peer connections," or a "Roblox of professional advancement," as opposed to an "Educational YouTube." These analogies, while not flawless, are directional."

  • "This question of how much of the universe is understood is very much a moving target. Because as we are able to stand in a new place because we learned something new. We then see other wonders that were not even visible to us before. - The Most Unknown"

  • "Being the only designer means: ux copy, visual, ui, interaction, graphic design, marketing, strategy, animation, web, brand, ad, cd, emails, pm, process, framework, leadership, team building, hand-off, community, being in the mix of everything while trying to make it fun"