Flipkart Co-Branded Credit Card

Making credit and retail more inclusive in India by partnering with Axis Bank and Mastercard to launch a co-branded credit card.

The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card is a co-branded credit card (CBC) offered in partnership with Axis Bank and Mastercard. Its goal is to achieve "top of wallet" status, making it the preferred credit card for customers over competitors' cards, and to drive loyalty and repeat purchases on the Flipkart’s e-commerce ecosystem. Moreover, the credit card was designed to serve as a critical bottom line driver for Flipkart, and to increase access to credit in India, where only 3% of the population has a formal credit card.

Catering to the previously excluded audience meant that the product had to be designed for a cohort that was relatively new to the internet era and was likely to be using their mobile phones as their primary means of accessing the internet. This population segment has been excluded, underserved, and disempowered until now. Thus, it was important to recognize that context is invaluable in all situations where technology is being distributed.

As a product designer, I was responsible for designing the lead generation and credit card console designs, which were critical to the success of the program. Prior to the launch of the credit card, I conducted usability field research to better understand the needs and preferences of potential users. Through this research, I learned that as a designer for mass-market financial products, I bear a strong responsibility to create trustful transactions/transactional behavior amongst customers, while still staying true to product and growth KPIs.

After almost seven months of intense development and preparations, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card was finally launched at a highly-anticipated public media event in Mumbai, India's dynamic financial capital. The launch was an unprecedented success, with the card issuing an impressive 890,000 cards in its first year. Now, after only a couple of years, the card has reached a staggering two million card issuances, with a wide regional distribution spanning over 18,000 pin codes across India. This incredible feat has made the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card one of the fastest co-branded credit cards to reach such a significant number of card issuances, proving its immense popularity and resounding success.

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